WATCH: Feminist Explains Why She Thinks Men Are Trash

A YouTuber by the name of Sapphic Skeptic explained why she believes men are trash. She begins by claiming that anyone who takes offense to the phrase ‘men are trash’ is part of the problem. She states that making negative generalizations about men is justified because men hold systemic power, comparing it to the systemic power held by white people. Despite men being more likely than women to be a victim of all violent crime, Sapphic Skeptic asserts that men do not have to worry about their safety when they are out in public.


She continues by claiming that men attack women for everything. For instance, she insists that men will criticize women regardless of whether she sleeps with everyone or no one. Additionally, she claims that women are attacked regardless of whether they have an abortion or are a single mother, asserting that the woman will always be accused of being irresponsible.

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Sapphic Skeptic fails to recognize that men are also held to lose-lose standards. Men are attacked whether they cry or never display emotion. For example, if Brett Kavanaugh would have remained emotionless during his testimony, he would have been deemed guilty of sexual assault. Instead, he is accused of not having the right temperament because he expressed anger.

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She concludes by demanding that men use their “male privilege” to help women, who she deems are systematically oppressed and less privileged than men.


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