Leftist Wants to Abolish Due Process

Riley Dennis, a popular SJW YouTuber, created a video explaining why she doesn’t believe due process should exist in rape and sexual assault cases, arguing that people should blindly believe all sexual misconduct allegations without any question or skepticism. Despite the lack of corroborating evidence and gaps in memory, Riley believes that Dr. Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh are highly credible.


She continues by misrepresenting the conservative argument, claiming that conservatives believe that sexual misconduct allegations should never be believed. In reality, most conservatives, including myself, believe that anyone who claims to be a victim of rape or sexual assault has a right to be heard and taken seriously, just not blindly believed. In a free society, which apparently Riley is arguing against, the accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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Despite at least two of the accusers being registered Democrats and engaged in left-wing activism, Riley states that there is no motive for them to lie. Additionally, Riley accuses female Kavanaugh supporters of suffering from internalized misogyny and upholding rape culture. Riley concludes by demanding, once again, that people blindly believe all rape and sexual assault allegations, even if those allegations are made against close friends and family members.

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A few days ago, Riley tweeted that Christine Blasey Ford is braver than any U.S. Marine.

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  1. Too many black men were hanged in Southern trees for me to embrace the idea of “Believe the accuser” when there is no evidence. Believing in the absence of evidence is not only a breach of justice, but a logical fallacy, since the one making the positive claim has the burden of proof. And the presumption of innocence–the unwillingness to suspend disbelief without evidence–isn’t just for the courtroom; it is a bedrock principle of logic, and anyone who does not hold to those principles, errs against both justice and logic.

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