Leftist: Trump Wants to Put the Japanese in Internment Camps

Riley Dennis, a far-left YouTuber, promoted a conspiracy theory that President Trump wants to put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, similar to what former President Roosevelt did during World War II. She started this conspiracy theory during the 2016 election season prior to President Trump’s victory that year.

She begins by comparing President Trump’s remarks about some illegal immigrants being drug dealers and rapists to the anti-Japanese sentiment in the early 1940s. To nobody’s surprise, Riley purposely fails to distinguish the difference between legal and illegal immigrants in her argument.


In addition, Riley criticizes President Trump’s temporary travel ban on high-risk majority-Muslim nations. Riley makes the false equivalence of comparing the travel ban to the Immigration Act of 1924, which significantly reduced the number of annual immigrants and heavily favored immigrants from northern and western Europe. This act came after a wave of southern and eastern European immigration, and its primary purpose was to help recent immigrants assimilate.

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Following, Riley makes an extreme and grotesque assumption that if radical Muslims ever attacked the United States as they did on 9/11, conservatives and President Trump would advocate to lock Muslim-Americans in internment camps. Riley also argues that it would be immoral to deport illegal immigrants because an estimated 62% of them have lived in the United States for at least ten years.

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Since Riley created this video prior to the 2016 election, she concludes by encouraging viewers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Just yesterday, Riley tweeted that Christine Blasey Ford is braver than any U.S. Marine.

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