MTV Host: White People Shouldn’t Be On Money

Franchesca Ramsey, the host of MTV’s Decoded, created a video about everything white people take for granted. She begins by claiming that there are a wide range of products that are not made for people of color. A guest on the show even states, “it’s a white, white, white world, and [people of color] get to live in it.” Another guest declares that white people have “essentially won the racial lottery.”

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According to Franchesca Ramsey and her guests, there are 13 things white people take for granted.

  1. Flesh-colored band aids
  2. Nude bras
  3. Make up
  4. Being bad at math
  5. No one wanting to touch their hair after changing it
  6. Owning gun-shaped objects
  7. Being on money
  8. Being in the Lord of the Rings
  9. Arguing with cops
  10. Being bad at handshakes
  11. Hooded sweatshirts
  12. Knowing one language
  13. Dancing badly

For starters, flesh-colored band aids do not match the skin color of all (and probably not even most) white people. Arguably, band aids have a more tan color. Band aid companies simply create their product to closely resemble the skin color of most consumers. Next, Ramsey’s guests claim that nude bras and make up are designed to match the skin color of most white people. Being a guy, I am obviously not well-informed about nude bras and make up. However, after doing a couple quick Google searches, I found that there are many different kinds of nude bras and make up that resemble a variety of skin colors.


Afterward, an Asian guest claims that everyone was shocked when he flunked Algebra twice, implying that people were shocked because he is Asian. More realistically, most people were likely shocked because someone, of any race or ethnicity, managed to fail Algebra two times. Next, Ramsey asserts that white people can change their hair without other people touching it. However, as a white guy, I have had people touch my hair after getting a haircut.

Next, some of the show’s guests suggest that white people can own gun-shaped objects without the fear of being shot and killed by the police. Later in the video, they indicate that white people can also argue with cops and wear hoodies without fear of being shot. However, according to FBI statistics, there were 16 unarmed black men shot and killed by police in 2016. Even assuming that each death was unjustified, it is certainly not the crisis Black Lives Matter makes it out to be.

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Following, Ramsey mocks white people being on money, sarcastically stating, “as if we don’t see their faces everywhere else.” Adding to Ramsey’s comment, the same Asian guest who admitted to flunking Algebra twice reveals that he does not know who is on the ten-dollar bill. Perhaps he should start paying attention in school instead of blaming his problems on white people. In reality, most white people are on U.S. currency because the nation was founded and created by European settlers. Throughout the rest of the video, Franchesca and her crew continue making dumb arguments, such as white people getting away with being bad at handshakes and not knowing how to dance.

From my perspective, it appears that Franchesca Ramsey and her guests just want an excuse to hate white people. Given the like-to-dislike ratio on the video, it seems that most people agree with me.

Other episodes of Decoded include titles such as…


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  1. An afro woman with straighten hair to resemble white women, is saying this BS? White people who could build boats to sail across oceans, brought your backwards Africans to America with the help of black African slave traders.

  2. MTV sucks – they have sucked since they stopped doing what they were founded on – good music videos – now all they do is spout off liberal loonie ideas while glorifying teen pregnancy – it’s pathrtic – oh and should we just put all black people on our money? Excuse me .. that is racist … what a racist this woman is.

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