Feminist: Asking for a Smaller Slice of Cake is Sexist

Virgie Tovar, a fat body activist, explained why she believes asking for a smaller slice of cake is misogynistic. She begins by defining ‘Cake-Related Fatphobic Incident’ (CRFI), claiming it occurs “when it’s time to eat delicious cake and it’s interrupted by a moralizing impulse.” Tovar also states that the person cutting the cake is required to perform a disproportionate amount of labor to accommodate the needs of others who want to feel superior.


Afterwards, she analyzes CRFIs through a “feminist lens,” declaring that they primarily happen to women. Tovar also believes that women are negatively impacted by diet culture, associating it with the societal stigma of what makes a “good woman.” She claims that this type of behavior is done to keep other people in check through food moralizing, surveillance, and policing, which are at the core of diet culture and weight control.

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Virgie continues by stating that CRFIs are meant to create a hierarchy among women, helping to maintain misogynistic stigmatizations. Instead of asking for a smaller slice of cake, Tovar believes people should just accept the cake slice they are given or just reject eating cake altogether. She also suggests not making women their “cake nanny,” stating that women already have too much on their plate.

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She concludes by saying that people have the option of either being an ally to women or upholding the patriachy the next time they encounter a CRFI.


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