Black Nationalist: Black People Should be Communists

Gazi Kodzo, a black nationalist, believes that every black person should be a communist. Despite personally identifying as a communist, Kodzo begins his explanation with a story about the time he ate at Waffle House. He states that he witnessed many black servers “working their asses off” but noticed a picture of the white executives. Kodzo claims that he does not believe the white executives work as hard as the black servers but receive the mass majority of the resources.


Kodzo declares that under a communist economic system, the wealth would be inherited by the workers instead of the executives. Gazi continues by stating that the corporate executives do not create wealth, the workers do. However, he failed to mention that without the work of the owners to create the company, the servers would not have a job. It is basic economic theory that a worker will not be compensated greater than the value they provide to a company.

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In addition, Gazi dismisses the idea of a “white working class,” believing it to be created through the work of slavery (which is objectively not true). He even quotes Omali Yeshitela, claiming…

“Africa is not poor, Africa is being looted.”

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Essentially, Gazi argues that Africa should use its own resources to create a functional communist system. He concludes by saying that the only people who would be oppressed under this model would be the oppressor, which from Gazi’s perspective would be white people.


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