Leftist Thinks Vandalism Should be Legal

Riley Dennis defended the looters at President Trump’s inauguration, claiming that the charges of rioting, inciting a riot, conspiracy to riot, and destruction of property were unjust. Some of the most violent protesters could face up to 60 years in prison. However, looters who take a plea deal will likely serve less than 10 years.

Despite her own sources suggesting otherwise, Riley argues that the people being charged were not directly involved in the rioting or destruction. According to the Washington Post, some protesters threw rocks, bricks, and chunks of concrete as they walked, while other protesters assaulted a limousine driver, destroyed a government vehicle, and are being accused of other acts of violence and destruction.

In addition, Riley states that she believes looters are serving too long of sentences for property destruction, believing “it’s cruel to spend so long in prison for a few broken windows.” Riley also believes the “conspiracy to protest” charges violate the first, fourth, and fifth amendments, asserting that freedom of speech covers the right to protest [and apparently riot] without having to worry about facing any legal consequences.

Like many of her videos, this is just another example of Riley misrepresenting a situation to fit her own political narrative.

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Watch Riley explain why she does not be looters should sent to jail below!

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