Feminists: Christian Supremacy is Violent Toward People of Color, Women & LGBT

Soulforce Media uploaded a video of a group of feminists explaining how Christian supremacy is violent, claiming it occurs when “systems of domination like white supremacy, like capitalism, like colonization form a parasitic relationship with Christianity.” They also claim that Christian supremacy “steals the social and political structures, the institutions, funding, social capital, and language of Christianity and turns it into a connective tissue between these different forms of violence.” The ladies believe it is a strong case for “intersectional justice.”

Next, the feminists claim that Christian supremacy is a “weaponized religion that targets LGBTQI people, people of color, women, and other marginalized folks.” They even believe they must fight for their liberation, stating that “spiritual violence is closely related to Christian supremacy.” The ladies also want to work across borders to “decolonize our spirits and reclaim our bodies.”

At the end of the video, each of the ladies scream, “sabotage Christian supremacy!”

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