Transgender Activist Identifies as a “Gender Terrorist”

Dakota Hendrix, who claims to be a “gender terrorist,” critiqued the phrase ‘preferred pronouns.’ Despite failing to specifically mention his own pronouns, Dakota insists that his pronouns are not preferred. He even goes so far to say that acknowledging his pronouns is mandatory prior to interacting with him.


To Dakota’s credit, he states that he does not expect everyone to understand his identity, claiming that he barely understands it himself. Following, Dakota explains that he identifies as nonbinary (neither a man nor woman), asserting that nonbinary genders are not new, trendy, or something that people should fetishize. Dakota also wants people to change their language, arguing that no one has a male/female body or is born a boy/girl. He also insists that doctors should stop “assigning” genders at birth, believing it is an act of violence. He failed to provide any scientific data to support his opinion.

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Following the controversy, Dakota created a subsequent video to clarify some of the points he made.


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  1. These people keep describing non violent things as ” an act of violence”. The phrase appears to have lost its meaning. Perhaps they should experience the real thing in order to clarify the meaning for them…

  2. Nutters. No one will tell me how to speak the Queen’s English. I am very thankful I don’t need to share a space with Dakota.

    • This guy is so stinking rude and foul mouthed. He expects everyone to actually change just for him. He can ignore me and I’ll ignore him.

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