LGBT Activist: Islam is Great for Queer People

Riley Dennis, a prominent SJW YouTuber who I have criticized many times, explained why, as a queer person, she defends Islam. Before continuing, it should be noted that there is a difference between ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslims.’ ‘Islam’ refers to the set of ideas, while ‘Muslim’ refers to followers of Islam. Very few people would argue that all Muslims are homogeneous in thought or are all bad people.

Right from the very beginning, Riley misconstrues the argument made by opponents of Islam by claiming they believe all Muslims hate queer people. She also disavows people who use queer people as a pawn to criticize Islam. In addition, Riley infers that Muslims are not any more likely than other faiths to be hostile toward the LGBT people, which is objectively inaccurate.


According to a 2013 Pew Research study, many Muslims support making Sharia Law the official law of the land, including 84% of Muslims in South Asia, 77% in Southeast Asia, 74% in the Middle East and North Africa, and 64% in Sub-Saharan Africa. Under Sharia Law, homosexuals are sentenced to death, often thrown off buildings. In fact, there are even ten countries where this is the case: Afghanistan, Brunel, Iran, Mauritania (only for Muslim men), Sudan (after third conviction), Nigeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Somalia. There are also at least 70 countries where homosexual conduct is illegal. Even in the United Kingdom, a western nation, 52% of all Muslims believe that homosexual conduct should be illegal, according to an ICM polling agency.

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Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American immigrant and terrorism analyst who is the founder of Act for America, believes that 15-25% of all Muslims are radicalized. Gabriel uses the findings of various national intelligence agencies to support her case. To be clear, not every Muslim in the ‘radicalized’ category wants to blow themselves up, but they are either sympathetic towards or support terrorist organizations.

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