Leftist: Black Women Should be Given Special Treatment

Riley Dennis, a popular SJW YouTuber, provided her input on the Serena Williams controversy. For those of you who are unaware, Serena Williams played and ended up losing to Naomi Osaka in the U.S. Open final tennis match. The umpire of the match was Carlos Ramos. Ramos gave Williams a point violation after catching her coach make a hand gesture to her. Williams received other point violations for breaking a racket and yelling at Ramos. The multitude of violations caused Williams to automatically lose one of the games by default.

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Riley claims that Williams is a victim of combined sexism and racism, also known as ‘misogynoir’, declaring that it is an experience black women deal with every day. She continues by asserting that Ramos would have never treated a man or white woman the same way he treated Williams. However, this accusation is objectively inaccurate. Ramos has a history of being a stickler for violations.


For example, in 2017, Carlos Ramos gave Novak Djokovic a fault on his serve for time violations at the French Open. Later, Djokovic received a violation for unsportsmanlike conduct after yelling. In addition, at the 2016 Olympics, Andy Murray was given a violation for saying “stupid umpiring.”

To Riley’s credit, there are many umpires who are far more permissive and would not have given Williams any violations. However, it is an objective fact that Williams broke the rules. She has a right to believe that the rules are unjust; however, it is terrible sportsmanship to falsely accuse the umpire for strictly enforcing the rules.

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Since I have yet to hear anyone say it, I will. Congrats, Naomi Osaka, for defeating Serena Williams!

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