Black Nationalist: It’s Okay to Beat Up White People

In reference to the 2017 Chicago kidnapping, Gazi Kodzo, a black nationalist, explained why he believes it is okay for black people to kidnap and torture white people. He begins by claiming that violence targeted at white people is justified since they built a “capitalist, imperialist society” on the backs of African-Americans, asserting that such violence corrects for the historical mistreatment of African-Americans.

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Kodzo continues by declaring that blacks are still forced to witness the murder of other blacks. However, he fails to mention that over 90% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Additionally, he claims that prisons are “slavery 2.0,” even going so far to say that prisons are torture.


Next, Gazi states that there is no such thing as an “innocent white man,” proclaiming that white men live on the backs of “African people.” Kodzo insists that black Americans who perpetuate violence towards white people are doing so in retaliation to the historical discrimination of blacks, demanding that it cannot be judged with the same moral compass.

Following, Gazi admits that he would rather see a white male tortured than a black female. He also criticizes Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Black Lives Matter for condemning the Chicago kidnappers and believes they should not face any prison time.

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Gazi also believes that cop killers are black heroes, black people shouldn’t tip white people, the United States is worse than North Korea, and black-on-black crime is white people’s fault.


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  1. He… or she or whatever received 20 seconds of my time. That’s all it took for me to dismiss and laugh at that joker. To all Americans: “Ignorance has no race, color, religion or creed. I feel sorry for that piece of crap. I will continue to pray for the ignorance that this man/woman/whatever is.

  2. if he’s part of a movement, he’s gonna die a martyr. Just sayin….he’s gonna mess with the wrong white people.

  3. Actually African Americans, slaves with orders or otherwise, helped decimate the Native Americans. So if you apply his logic correctly he owes for himself as well as his ancestors. The NA had no choice for life or death. They had no choice for compliance or war. The NA are the Original oppressed people.

  4. I hate to you GIRL that blacks where sold to whites into slavery by OTHER blacks for MONEY!!! You need to take a long walk off a short bridge…

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