Leftist: White People Should Give Away Their Money to Africans

Keenan Chapman explained why he believes white Americans and Europeans should give away their wealth to people of African descent living in both the west and African continent. He also believes white people living in the American continent should give away their wealth to Native Americans.

He begins by asking white people whether they believe the survival of the “African collective” or “white collective” is more important. While the majority of people would likely argue that the survival of all people is important, Chapman insists that people with that mindset are not doing anything to protect “black folks.”

Afterwards, Chapman displays his gross misunderstanding of history by falsely claiming that black and indigenous people have historically never had wars or land disputes, asserting that only white people have ever been guilty of doing so. In addition, Chapman falsely declares that there has never been a retaliation from either community due to historical colonization. He is clearly ignorant about the “land reform” bills in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Later, Chapman attacks white liberals for only supporting solutions that sustain the survival of “their people” both physically and financially. He also claims that white supremacy is not about racism, but power, control, money, and ownership of resources.

Chapman does not mention anything about historical black slave owners nor white slaves. He is also silent about whether people of African descent whose ancestors enslaved other Africans are deserving of collective punishment.

Watch Chapman explain why he believes he and other white people should give up their wealth and resources to black and indigenous people!

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