MTV Host Explains Why She Hates White People

Franchesca Ramsey, the host MTV’s YouTube series Decoded, responded to criticism accusing her of hating white people. Despite creating several videos condemning white people, she begins by stating that she does not hate white people. Ramsey claims that talking about racial oppression does not equate to hating white people, accusing her critics of misplacing their anger and misrepresenting her arguments.


To support her argument of institutional racism, Ramsey cites a study that suggests black preschool children make up 18% of all preschool students but half of all out-of-school suspensions. Ramsey dismisses the possibility that more black students misbehave than other students because “all toddlers are monsters.” She claims that the only solution is to allocate more money and resources towards teacher training, childcare resources, and “a million other things” in order to correct teacher bias.

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Instead of accusing Franchesca of hating white people, she suggests saying…

“Franchesca hates the historical roots of oppression that have led to today’s societal conditions which allow institutions with white leadership to systematically discriminate against people of color.”

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Ramsey continues by accusing her critics of “white fragility,” also known as the discomfort white people have talking about racism, causing them to act defensively when racism is discussed.

She concludes by telling her critics to do something better with their time instead of expressing their disagreement in the comments of her show.

Other episodes of Decoded include titles such as…


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