Gay Couple Wants Humans to Become Extinct

Greg and Mitch, a gay couple on YouTube, created a video explaining why they do not believe people should have children. According to the couple, both of their families have routinely questioned them about when they plan on having kids.

The first reason they provide is reduced marriage satisfaction after having the first kid, resulting from arguments about raising the child and lack of sleep. Additionally, the couple argues that lack of sleep could lead to other health problems. However, according to a report by Princeton University and Stony Brook University, there is little difference in satisfaction between parents and people without children once all factors are taken into account, such as income, education, religion, and health.


Next, the couple argues that raising children is expensive, citing studies that suggest women with children have a lower income than women without children. However, the couple forgets that children are vital to the economy. The babies born today will be the workers in the future, helping to pay for many social programs, such as Medicare and social security. With a median age of 47 years old and a shrinking labor force, Japan is struggling to pay for its social programs, and the crisis will continue to amplify due to its low birth rate and restrictive immigration policies.

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Lastly, the couple spreads the myth of overpopulation, claiming that more people would cause food shortages and negative effects to the environment. However, in many countries, birth rates have been below the replacement level for decades. For example, the current birth rate in the United States is about 1.8 births per women, but a birth rate of 2.1 births per women is needed to replace the existing population. The birth rate in many countries in eastern and southern Europe and eastern Asia are even further below the replacement level than the United States, with Japan and Germany having birth rates lower than 1.5 births per women. In fact, the bulk of the global natural increase in population throughout the 21st century will be in Africa.

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In conclusion, having children is a person decision and is not for everyone. However, people should not base their decision on pseudo-experts on the internet.


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