University Tells Students to Say ‘Ze/Hir’ Instead of ‘He/She’

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee published a page to their website discussing gender pronouns.

One of the FAQs asks, “What are some commonly used pronouns?,” with one the examples being…

“Ze/hir/hir (Tyler ate hir food because ze was hungry.) Ze is pronounced like “zee” can also be spelled zie or xe, and replaces she/he/they. Hir is pronounced like “here” and replaces her/hers/him/his/they/theirs.”


In fact, the website even provides the following guide to help students learn how to use different gender-neutral pronouns.


In addition, the resource center claims that gender-neutral pronouns were created “in the interest of greater equality” and even insists that it is grammatically correct to use ‘they’ as a singular, gender-neutral pronoun. To prevent using the wrong gender pronoun, the LGBT Resource Center suggests asking everyone what their preferred gender pronouns are, stating…

“You can’t always know what someone’s pronouns are by looking at them. Asking and correctly using someone’s pronouns is one of the most basic ways to show your respect for their gender identity.

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When someone is referred to with the wrong pronoun, it can make them feel disrespected, invalidated, dismissed, alienated, or dysphoric ( often all of the above.)

It is a privilege to not have to worry about which pronoun someone is going to use for you based on how they perceive your gender. If you have this privilege, yet fail to respect someone else’s gender identity, it is not only disrespectful and hurtful, but also oppressive.”

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The department also has pages for Allies, People of Color, and Trans @ UWM.

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  1. The funniest part o the FAQ is the last one. “What is a pronoun?” Really? This is the state of our nation, college age young adults dont know what a pronoun is? I think i learned that in 4th grade. This nation is done!

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