Nonbinary Feminist Tells Children Where Babies Come From | Queer Kid Stuff

Lindsay Amer, the host of Queer Kid Stuff, read the book What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg to her audience, explaining how babies are made. According to Amer, her target audience consists of children ages three to seven years old. As an effort to be sensitive to people who identify as transgender or nonbinary, the book uses gender-neutral language when referring to human anatomy.


While many viewers may not find this content age-appropriate (for obvious reasons), Queer Kid Stuff has many other episodes that discuss social justice topics for children, such as…

  • gender confusion
  • sexuality
  • feminism
  • privilege
  • sexuality
  • consent
  • mental health
  • body positivity

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Needless to say, the entire series revolves around propaganda Lindsay learned while she studied Gender Studies in college. Lindsay also believes that all kids are queer.


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  1. While I must say I’m not opposed to kids learning how humans reproduce, making it into a huge mystery only makes it more appealing and led a fact of biology and life by setting our reproduction apart from other animals, I am shocked and saddened over the propaganda and liberal brainwashing this woman, or whatever “it” deems itself foists in children!

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