MTV Host: It’s Racist to Say That Asian-Americans are Successful

Franchesca Ramsey, the host of MTV’s YouTube series Decoded, created an episode titled “Are All Asians Rich?” She begins by mocking people who criticize “white privilege” by citing the success of Asian-Americans. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2018 median household income of Asian-Americans is $80,720, while this metric is only $61,349 for whites.

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Despite Asian-Americans having a higher median income than non-Hispanic whites, Ramsey demands that they are a disadvantaged group, claiming that there is vast income inequality within the Asian-American community. Additionally, Lily Du states that Asians have a slightly higher poverty rate than whites (12.3% vs. 10.7%), and she also mentions income disparities among different Asian ethnic groups, with Indian-Americans having the highest median income ($122,026) and Vietnamese-, Cambodian-, and Bangladeshi-Americans having the lowest median income ($64,191; $53,359; and $44,512 respectively).


Despite stereotyping all white people as “privileged,” both Lily and Franchesca take issue with the stereotype of Asian-Americans being successful. Du claims this stereotype is rooted in white supremacy, trying to divide Asian-Americans from other people of color. She also dismisses the possibility that Asian-Americans became successful by working hard, becoming educated, assimilating, and/or having strong family values. Rather, Lily believes that Asian success in America is a result of white people becoming less racist toward Asians.

However, it should be noted that Asian-Americans are the most educated racial group in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 53.9% of Asian-Americans have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to only 36.2% of non-Hispanic whites. Also, according to the Kids Count Data Center, Asian-Americans have the lowest single-motherhood rate. Only 16% of Asians grow up in a single-mother household, compared to 24% of non-Hispanic whites and 66% of blacks.

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Other episodes of Decoded include titles such as…


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  1. That’s insane, but it’s TRUE Asians aren’t known for being useless welfare recipients or criminals or illegals! The Asian community has brought many smart, driven people as assets to this country in many fields in scholarship and the hard sciences! Considering Ivy leagues are discriminating against them for being TOO smart! I also don’t see how it’s a hurtful stereotype to be known as smart and brainy! There are worse stereotypes out there, folks 😉 … Asians are a proud minority among many dysfunctional minority communities!

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