Social Justice Church Believes Jesus Was Killed By White Supremacy

NowThis created a video about a “progressive” church in California that serves beer during its services and donates the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Advocates of this church claim they want “to continue the movement that Jesus started.” Christopher VanHall, the pastor at Greater Purpose Church, states that the church is accepting of LGBT individuals and even refers to himself and his followers as a feminists, insisting that Jesus would also support the modern feminist movement.

VanHall continues by labeling the members of his church as “environmentalists,” believing that it is “the original mandate of the children of God.” Additionally, he states that he is anti-war and in favor of racial justice (likely code for supporting Black Lives Matter, Affirmative Action, slavery reparations, etc.). Christopher goes on to say that Jesus was a Palestinian (not true), Jewish rabbi, person of color (possibly true), and killed by white supremacy (not true).

The church plans on donating 30-60% of their proceeds to charities such as…

  1. Planned Parenthood
  2. Save our Shores
  3. Homeless Garden Project
  4. The Diversity Center

The church plans on opening in either the summer or fall of 2019.

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