Black Nationalist Explains Why African-Americans Shouldn’t Tip White People

Gazi Kodzo, commonly referred to as “Black Hitler” by his critics, explained why he does not believe African-Americans should tip white people. He begins by sharing a story about a black man in South Africa who refused to pay his white server at a restaurant. The man left a note on the receipt saying, “I will give you a tip once you give me my land back.” This message likely refers to the South-African government recently amending its Constitution to seize farmland from white South Africans without compensation.


He continues by declaring that he believes similar logic applies to African-Americans in the United States, asserting that African-Americans should not be required to tip white servers at restaurants until African-Americans are granted slavery reparations. Despite never being a slave himself and no white person alive ever being a slave owner, he claims that white people owe him reparations for “all this free labor to build this goddamn nation.” He fails to mention anything about African-Americans being enslaved in Africa before being sold to early white Americans and European colonizers.

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It should be noted that Gazi’s logic is also deeply flawed because America did not become an economic superpower until the Industrial Revolution, which occurred after slavery. During this time, the economy in the south, where slavery persisted for much longer than in the north, was in shambles.

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He concludes by stating that he, as an African-American, is forced to pay taxes to fund the Military Industrial Complex and the police, claiming that both institutions are built against “African people.”

Gazi also believes that cop killers are black heroes, the United States is worse than North Korea, and black-on-black crime is white people’s fault.


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  1. My friend- I thank you for sharing this with all of us. I consider people like this jerk to be Black Supremacists, but what the heck. The movement for “reparations” rely on fouled up logic like “white people have had 200+ years more to “develop” their culture and are therefore wealthier, etc.” Of course, there are so many holes in that logic you could drive a truck through them- not the least of which is the superior performance of people from other cultures such as from India, Vietnam, Japan or China (just to mention a few) who excel in school & business here in the United States, some of which within less than one generation on US soil. If Mister Black Hitler would just change his attitude in life, apply his talents and intellect, quit feeling sorry for himself and lose the hyphenated American nonsense, he could succeed at anything he chose to put his mind to accomplish.

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