Where Does Raging Gay Conservative Stand On The Issues?

I am commonly asked my positions on a variety of issues. Therefore, I decided to create a blog post discussing my general positions on a series of issues.

Immigration: Both legal and illegal immigration are in desperate need of reform in America. First, America’s legal immigration system should be reformed to be based primarily on merit, which includes skills, employment, and English proficiency. Additionally, the diversity lottery, chain migration, and birthright citizenship should all be abolished. To prevent future illegal immigration, a barrier should be built along the southern border in addition to a crackdown on overstayed visas. Illegal immigrants currently living in the United States who are otherwise law-abiding, working, and share western values should be given a path to legal status, but not citizenship.


Economic Issues: I am center-right on economic issues. I generally support less government but acknowledge that there are circumstances where regulation is needed to protect the environment and workers. Although I support lower income and corporate tax rates, I do believe a moderate progressive tax system should exist. In addition, given the low unemployment rate, I support a slight increase in the minimum wage to $9/hr. Additionally, I am a staunch supporter of free trade because tariffs are essentially taxes on consumers. Also, more jobs are created in the trade sector than lost. Lastly, I support Right to Work laws and believe that public-sector unions are parasitic to taxpayers and should be abolished.

Healthcare: With costs increasing several times the rate of inflation, America’s healthcare system is broken. Calls to nationalize the healthcare system could cost upwards of over $30 trillion over a ten-year period. As Ben Shapiro has stated, a healthcare system may only be proficient in two of the three following areas: universality, affordability, and quality. Of those three qualities, I believe affordability and quality are the most important as the free market is the most efficient economic model, covering the most people at the lowest cost possible. To minimize the burden of medical expenses, I believe health savings accounts should be created and have the ability to transfer funds between immediate family members and from year-to-year.

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Foreign Policy: Unless America’s national security is threatened, I am generally a non-interventionist. I believe the Iraq War was a mistake and the Afghan War should come to an end. I also believe the defense budget should be cut to the levels just following the sequester cuts. With the exception of Israel, I believe the United States should suspend all foreign aid, starting with the countries that currently hate us.

LGBT+ Rights: Government should exit the marriage business and allow private institutions to define marriage. The original purpose of the government intervening in marriage was for the procreation of the next generation. Given record low, sub-replacement fertility in America, the government has clearly failed its goal. Regarding transgender individuals, I believe they should be legally allowed to use the bathroom of their choice but am staunchly against government coercion regarding pronoun use. Additionally, I believe that gay pride marches should come to an end and believe that there are only two genders.

Abortion: I am morally pro-life but believe abortion procedures should be permitted in cases of rape, incest, and when the fetus poses a risk to the mother’s health. In addition, I am supportive of states that want to restrict abortion procedures to the first 20 weeks.

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Feminism: I am very supportive of gender equality and allowing women to make their own lifestyle choices but believe modern feminism has outlived its purpose. Modern feminists are no longer concerned with equal opportunity under the law, but rather demanding equal outcomes. In fact, many feminists that if outcomes between men and women are not the same, it must be due to discrimination rather than differences in individual choice. For example, many feminist proclaim that women only make 77 cents for every $1 a man earns. However, economists have debunked this myth several times, concluding that this gap is almost entirely due to differences in occupation, position, experience, education, total hours worked per week, etc.

Race Relations: Everyone should be treated equally under the law regardless of their racial/ethnic identity. However, I am strongly against the left using race/ethnicity to exploit the economic struggles many Latino and black Americans face. For example, Black Lives Matter has very little to do with protecting black lives. The movement dismisses the fact that over 90% of American blacks are killed by other blacks and falsely accuses police officers of cold-blooded murder, many times fallaciously, before investigators have examined any forensic evidence. Black Lives Matter has also promoted policies that have increased the murder rate of black Americans. The movement collectively demands less proactive policing, but majority-black cities that have minimized this style of policing, such as Baltimore and St. Louis, have experienced a dramatic increase in the homicide rate. The movement has also perpetuated many other myths that harm the black community.

Free Speech: As both a constitutional right and principle, I am essentially a free speech absolutist and believe it is the most important value in western civilization. Since social media and the digital world have become the primary sources in expressing free speech, I believe Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube should be regulated as public utilities. Physical threats should be the only limitation on free speech.

Gun Control: While I do support universal background checks on all gun sales and believe there should be limitations on convicted felons, the mentally ill, and youth purchasing and owning firearms, I am a staunch supporter of the second amendment. Many studies suggest that no correlation exists between the degree of gun control and homicide rate, leading me to believe that culture is the primary variable regarding differences in the violent crime rate.

The Drug War: The drug war has been a complete failure and has radically increased the prison population. Marijuana should be legalized for both medical and recreational purposes, and all non-violent drug offenders should be pardoned. Additionally, the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol should be lowered to 18 years old, and underage drinking offenses should greatly be minimized. Similar to gun control, drug laws have very little correlation to the violent crime rate.


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