University of New Hampshire Finds Everything Offensive

A now-removed “Bias Free Language Guide” by the Community, Equity and Diversity department at the University of New Hampshire was designed to promote a more inclusive campus environment. The guide deemed many commonly used terms ‘problematic’, providing a more politically correct term to use instead. Some of the words deemed ‘problematic’ include “senior citizen”, “obese”, “American”, and “homosexual”. Respectively, the ‘preferred’ terms for each item are “person of advanced age”, “person of size”, “U.S. citizen” or “Resident of the U.S.”, and “same gender loving”.

According to Campus Reform, University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston condemned the language guide, declaring that he is “troubled by many things.” Despite the language guide being removed, the university still provides training on how to be a good ally in “safe zones” and learning to become a “Social Justice Educator.”


Below is a list of words the department deemed ‘problematic’ with the preferred term listed underneath.

Problematic: older people, elders, seniors, senior citizen

Preferred: people of advanced age

Problematic: poor person, poverty-stricken person

Preferred: person living at or below the poverty line, people experiencing poverty

Problematic: rich

Preferred: person of material wealth

Problematic: obese, overweight people

Preferred: people of size

Problematic: blind person

Preferred: person who is visually impaired

Problematic: healthy

Preferred: non-disabled

Problematic: handicapped, physically-challenged

Preferred: wheelchair user, person who is wheelchair mobile

Problematic: American

Preferred: U.S. citizen or Resident of the U.S.

Problematic: Caucasian people

Preferred: White people, European-American individuals

Problematic: Guys (when referring to people overall)

Preferred: Folks, People, You All, Y’all

Problematic: Opposite Sex

Preferred: Other Sex

Problematic: Girlie or Tomboy

Preferred: Children who are gender non-conforming, Children who are gender variant

Problematic: homosexual

Preferred: same gender loving

Problematic: illegal alien

Preferred: undocumented immigrant, person seeking asylum, refugee

Problematic: foreigners

Preferred: international people

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