Leftist MTV Host Thinks Halloween is Offensive

Franchesca Ramsey, the host of MTV’s YouTube series Decoded, created an episode demanding that children stop dressing up as certain Halloween costumes, asserting that many costumes are racially insensitive. The costumes that Ramsey deems ‘problematic’ include…

  1. Little Amigo
  2. China Boy
  3. Arabian Sultan
  4. Little Geisha
  5. Indian Brave & Indian Girl
  6. Toddler Jade Harem
  7. Gypsy Fortune Teller
  8. Kid’s Mac Daddy Pimp
  9. Child Rasta
  10. Confederate Officer

One of the contributors even declared that Child Protection Services should be called if a parent is caught dressing their child in a racially insensitive Halloween costume. In addition, Ramsey accused anyone of buying and/or wearing any of these costumes of being an ‘asshole’. In reference to the Confederate Officer costume, one man said that he hopes parents who buy their children a racist costume get in a car accident and are forced to be saved by black paramedics.

Other episodes of Decoded include titles such as…

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