Leftist: Poor People are Entitled to Luxuries with Other People’s Money

Riley Dennis, a leftist YouTuber, explained why she believes poor people are entitled to ‘nice things’ with other people’s money. Riley begins by stating that she does not understand why her opinion is even controversial, which suggests that she failed to do objective research on the issue. In addition, Riley dismisses statistics that indicate poor people in the United States are much better off than even ‘average’ people in other countries, such as the fact that 99.6% of poor Americans own a refrigerator and 81.4% of poor Americans own a microwave.

Riley continues by expressing her opposition to policies that restrict welfare recipients from purchasing steak, lobster, soda, etc. Following, Riley makes the false equivalence of a welfare recipient receiving money from the government to a worker earning a paycheck from their employer, arguing that since an employer does not tell their workers how to spend their money, taxpayers should not be able to do so with welfare recipients. However, the primary flaw in Riley’s argument is that a worker is providing value in exchange for a paycheck, while a welfare recipient is receiving money from the government for survival.

Towards the end of the video, Riley demands that people should just “get over” drug abusers using government assistance to purchase luxuries and just allow them to “live their lives.”

If you enjoyed this article, check out some of Riley’s other ridiculous videos, including why she believes genital preferences are discriminatory, biological sex does not exist, violence against conservatives is justified, saying “it’s okay to be white” is racist, being fat is healthy, using the wrong pronoun is violent, and the world map is racist.

Watch Riley explain why she believes poor people deserve ‘nice things’ other people’s money below!

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