Leftist: Ben Shapiro is an ‘Asshole’ for Wanting to Debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Riley Dennis, a prominent SJW YouTuber who I have critiqued several times, recently explained why she believes Ben Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, is an ‘asshole’ for offering to donate $10,000 to charity if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic candidate to represent New York’s 14th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, agreed to debate him.

In response to Ben Shapiro’s offer, Ocasio-Cortez sent a tweet comparing Ben Shapiro’s invitation to catcalling, accusing Shapiro of feeling entitled to debate her.


Ben quoted Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet and stated, “Discussion and debate are not “bad intentions.” Slandering someone as a sexist catcaller without reason or evidence does demonstrate cowardice and bad intent, however.”

In the beginning of Riley’s video, she immediately misrepresents the situation, reframing the controversy as whether anyone “has a right” to debate another person. Most people, including Ben Shapiro, believe no one has a right to debate anyone. However, in this scenario, Shapiro politely asked Ocasio-Cortez to debate, giving her the option to voluntarily accept or decline the invitation. Despite Shapiro’s respectful invitation, Riley refers to him as a “conservative asshole” throughout her video.

Afterwards, Riley accuses Shapiro of “harassing” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and feeling “entitled to her time and attention,” believing that Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter response sets a “great example” for future leftists who receive an offer to debate a conservative. In addition, Riley expresses that she believes Shapiro’s offer was done in “bad intent.”

Riley continues by stating that she has declined several invitations from other YouTubers to schedule an online debate. In fact, Roaming Millennial, a YouTuber and CRTV host, mentioned in a video that Riley blocked her on Twitter after asking whether she would be interested in doing a livestream.

Additionally, Riley believes that debates are an ineffective method of discussing ideas because they revolve around “winning” rather than having a productive conversation. Later in the video, despite Shapiro being a practicing Orthodox Jew, Riley compares him to the alt-right, claiming that he is “purposely provocative” in order to get a reaction out of people. Despite Riley’s gross misrepresentation of the Shapiro-Ocasio-Cortez feud, I do agree with her final statement: no one is entitled to a debate.

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Watch Riley explain why she thinks Ben Shapiro is an ‘asshole’ below!

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