Leftist: Black-on-Black Crime is White People’s Fault

Gazi Kodzo, nicknamed ‘Black Hitler’ by his critics, explained why be believes the high rate of black-on-black crime is white people’s fault. He supports his claim by stating that white people created a “parasitic, capitalist system” known as the “American economy built by black people.” Gazi continues by asserting that racist employers are the reason why black Americans struggle to find work, suggesting that the high level of poverty in the black community is the reason why many black Americans commit violent crime. However, even when correcting for income, black Americans are still the most likely racial/ethnic group to commit violent crime.


Additionally, Gazi questions why white Americans are even concerned about the high rate of black-on-black crime, asserting that it makes white people “a whole lot of money.” Afterward, he cites that white-on-white crime has been increasing over the past few decades. Lastly, Gazi concludes by claiming that if black Americans were granted slavery reparations, the violent crime rate in the black community would dramatically fall.

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Gazi also believes that cop killers are black heroes and the United States is worse than North Korea.


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One comment

  1. Yes, blame the white person for your own community’s issues with crime, poverty, gang activity, run down ghetto neighborhoods, and anti-intellectualism towards anyone who wants to better themselves by labeling them as being too white! All the respectable black conservatives, like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams decry the state of the black community! I feel so bad for any level headed black person who does lead an honest, hardworking life. 🙁

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