Black Nationalist Charges White People to Speak to Him

Gazi Kodzo, also known as ‘Black Hitler’ by his critics, created a video discussing why white people owe him reparations. Throughout the video, he interviews several white people who support slavery reparations.

The first lady says that she supports reparations because every freedom she has was only possible due to the wealth her ancestors stole. However, it is unknown whether she actually has ancestors who were slave owners. The next person, Jackson (not sure which gender), says that everything they have was stolen from Gazi; they also infer that white Jews are not actually white.


The next interviewee, Prince, is from Seattle and says that he does not like white people (despite being white) and asserts that all white people owe reparations, even white people whose ancestors migrated to the United States after slavery. He justifies reparations by saying, “As a white person, I sit on the pedestal of colonialism and slavery that built not only the wealth of this country, but the whole European world. Therefore, all white people owe reparations, and we’re coming to get it.” He failed to provide any evidence to support any of his assertions.

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Following, Jesse declares that he owes reparations because “every opportunity and amenity that [he] has has been at the expense of [his] black and browns brothers and sisters around the world.” He continues by stating, “Everything in this country is saturated with the blood of slavery, genocide.” He also declares that white homeless people also owe reparations, and if they refuse to pay reparations, they will come and steal it from them.

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If you are white, self-loathing, and want to pay reparations, you may do so here.


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  1. After being held up at gunpoint four times, my grandmother’s car being stolen twice, my best friend’s sister being raped, my sister being violent assaulted by blacks I think they owe me some reparations.

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