Professor is Upset That Women Don’t Feel Oppressed

Cristina Mogro-Wilson, a Social Work professor at the University of Connecticut, conducted a survey asking 118 Social Work students regarding their perception of discrimination. The study found that most students did not believe that “discrimination and subordination” are “salient issues in women’s lives.” Mogro-Wilson found these results ‘problematic’ because 94% of respondents were women.


She declares that students not being aware of their own oppression would decrease their likelihood to “embrace the notion of change through unification,” such as in the form of protest, Campus Reform reports. With worries of a “post-feminist standpoint among younger women,” Mogro-Wilson suggests integrating greater intersectionality into the Social Work curriculum, asserting that “intersectionality provides a useful framework to examine gender-based oppression.” She continues by stating that oppression “cannot be fully understood without also considering other coexisting social identities, like race, culture, sexuality, and class.”

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Without the understanding of how a woman’s overlapping identities impact the ways in which she faces oppression, Mogro-Wilson fears that her students may be doing a disservice to their future clients. She concludes by claiming that the results of her study indicate a need for “a more expansive inclusion of feminism in social work education.”


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  1. Nothing like a raging loon trying to convince people they are oppressed, but they are just too stupid to know it! #LiberalismKills #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

  2. Christina Hoff-Summers skewers the idea of “Intersectionality” here. By heightening sensitivity and classifying human beings into finer and finer pigeon-holing, it fragments society and civilization cannot cohere and stand.

    Anyway, have a nice day.

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