Leftist Says Veganism is a Feminist Issue

A militant vegan created a video explaining why she believes veganism is a feminist issue. She begins by defining ‘veganism’ as the ‘ethical philosophy which rejects the commodity status of animals’. In addition, she asserts that veganism should not be viewed as a diet. Due to poverty and ‘other forms of structural oppression’, she claims to understand that some people may integrate veganism differently into their everyday lives.


She defends her belief by declaring that feminists are ‘concerned with dismantling the patriarchy, which is the systematic organization of male supremacy’. She continues to define ‘patriarchy’ by claiming that the white man is seen to be on top of all other humans and animals. She also says that non-veganism is ‘promoting the same ideology that feminism seeks to disrupt’ and feminists cannot ignore the systematic oppression of non-human animals.

“Women and non-human animals are exploited for their reproductive abilities, and both are devalued as they age and wear out… when they are no longer able to reproduce.” – Lisa Kemmerer

Next, she states that the gender of animals dictates how they are treated in the animal agriculture industry, which is rooted in ‘white-supremacist patriarchy’. Afterward, she expresses her disgust for the restaurant industry’s objectification of women, citing Hooters as an example. She also criticizes the objectification of women within the vegan and animal rights movement.

Watch a feminist explain why she believes veganism is a feminist issue below!

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