Leftists Explain Why They Don’t Like White People | Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed, an independent left-wing media outlet, created a video of ‘people of color’ reacting to the word ‘white’. According to Buzzfeed…

“Words play a big part in our lives, sometimes triggering immediate negative or positive responses.” 


Daysha, an African-American woman from Louisiana, says the word ‘white’ reminds her of ‘privilege’, ‘power’, ‘access’, and ‘luxury’. Next, Ken Bidjara, a man from Sydney, Australia, admits that it is unfair to be critical of all white people, but he believes there is ‘a strong element of racism in white Australia’. Afterward, Amrita, a multiracial woman who is also from Sydney, believes that ‘white’ is a way of ‘being’ and ‘thinking’, and Sylvia, a Kenyan-American woman, asserts that she would love to be in harmony with white people but does not believe white people feel the same way about her.

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Following, a young boy named Mirrabee states that he does not believe white people are understanding. Gustave, an African-American from Louisiana, thinks that white people are ‘arrogant’, ‘privileged’, and ‘naive’, and Tracey, a black-American from New York City, even went so far to say that white people, particularly white men, are ‘the ones wallowing freely and shamelessly in their privilege’.

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Unsurprisingly, the Buzzfeed video has four times as many dislikes as likes.


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