Leftist Makes Up Fake Sexualities (Demisexual, Gynesexual, Skoliosexual & More)

Roly, an LGBT activist, created a video reading and explaining fake sexual orientations from an anonymous website. He begins by discussing the three types of sexualities that actually exist: heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual. Afterward, he goes off the deep end. I provided definitions of the fake sexualities he discusses below.


  1. Pansexual– someone who is attracted to everyone regardless of their gender identity or expression (includes people who are nonbinary, genderqueer, gender fluid, etc.)
  2. Demisexual– someone who is attracted to an emotional connection (Roly personally identifies as a gay demisexual)
  3. Asexual– someone who lacks sexual attraction
  4. Gynesexual– someone who is attracted to femininity (includes effeminate men)
  5. Polyamorous– someone who can fall in love with many people at the same time
  6. Skoliosexual– someone who is attracted to androgyny (e.g., someone who identifies as genderqueer or nonbinary)
  7. Androsexual– someone who is attracted to masculinity (includes masculine women)
  8. Autosexual– someone who is only attracted toward oneself
  9. Cupio– someone who is not sexually attracted to any gender but still desires a sexual and/or romantic relationship
  10. Fray– someone who is only attracted to people they are less familiar with and lose attraction once they get to know somebody
  11. Heteroflexible– someone who is primarily heterosexual but will occasionally have attraction toward someone of the same sex
  12. Sapiosexual– someone who is attracted to intelligence rather than physical appearance

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Roly concludes the video by admitting that he left out many more sexualities, so apparently there are more fake sexualities invented on Tumblr that he forgot to mention.

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While I am not denying that there are people who fit the definitions of those sexual orientations, I do think it is silly to over-label everything. Everyone has their own preferences on who they are looking for in a relationship. However, that does not justify creating a new sexual orientation for that one person.

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