Agender Feminist Explains Why She Uses He/They/Kit Pronouns

Milo Stewart and a YouTuber who goes by the name of “Ace” created a now-deleted video explaining a variety of gender-neutral pronouns. Milo begins by identifying as a ‘nonbinary, boyish person’ and states that gender pronouns are very important to transgender individuals because they can either validate or mock their identities. Next, Ace states that ‘sticking to strict male-female dichotomy’ does not work for everyone because some people identify outside the gender binary.


Both Milo and Ace claim that ‘they’ is the most common gender-neutral pronoun, asserting that it is even grammatically correct. Following, Milo and Ace discuss alternative gender-neutral pronouns. Milo states that a common gender-neutral pronoun is ‘zie’ with other forms of the pronoun being ‘hir,’ ‘hirs,’ and ‘hirself.’ Milo continues by claiming that another popular set of gender-neutral pronouns is ‘e,’ ’em,’ ‘eir,’ and ‘eirs,’ and ’emself.’ According to Milo, there are also non-self pronouns, such as ‘bun’ and ‘kit.’

Despite making up random pronouns, Ace asserts that ‘it’ should almost never be used to refer to a person, claiming that it is dehumanizing. Ace continues by declaring that all pronouns are gender-neutral just like all clothing is gender-neutral, proclaiming that anything that is gendered is a result of cisnormativity and the media. As an example, Milo says that she does not strictly identify as ‘male’ and uses he, they, and kit pronouns. In addition, Ace identifies as ‘agender’ but uses he pronouns.

To conclude, Milo says that she does not associate with people who do not recognize nonbinary identities or use gender-neutral pronouns.

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