Body Activist Says Being Fat is Healthy

Riley Dennis, a prominent SJW YouTuber and contributor to Everyday Feminism, created a video explaining why she does not believe weight is a great indicator of health despite strong consensus from medical professionals suggesting otherwise. She begins by claiming that people have very little control over their body weight, declaring that one’s weight has very little to do with willpower and self-control. In addition, Riley states that weight is not just ‘calories in minus calories out,’ citing differences in metabolism and digestion.

Riley explains why she does not believe being overweight is unhealthy.

Riley continues by asserting that it is immoral to tell people who are obese to eat less and/or healthier because it could contribute to eating disorders. She also states that not everyone has the resources to obtain affordable nutritious food. Afterward, Riley argues that exercising is an ineffective method of losing weight.

Despite medical professionals claiming that being overweight puts people at higher risk for many health problems, Riley argues that correlation does not equal causation. For example, she declares that the higher percentage of obese people who have Type 2 diabetes is not necessarily a result of their weight. In a now-deleted video, Riley claims that skinny people have ‘skinny privilege.’

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Watch Riley try to explain why she does not believe weight and health are related below!

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