Feminist Says It’s Sexist to Call Women “Female”

A feminist YouTuber who goes by the name of “Philogynoir” created a video explaining why she wants men to stop referring to women as “female.” She begins by claiming that men who call women “female” are denying women of their humanity and reducing them to their genitals. In addition, Philogynoir states that referring to a woman as “female” is cissexist and transphobic because it assumes the genitals of that woman. She continues by declaring that this issue runs rampant in the black community, perpetuated by black men.

Philogynoir explains why she wants men to stop referring to women as “female.”

Afterward, Philogynoir claims that the term “female” is a misogynistic slur because it is a ‘soft’ way of saying ‘b****’ and/or ‘hoe.’ Instead of calling women “female,” she suggests that men should just call women “women.” In addition, she states that only women are allowed to call themselves “female,” comparing it to how only black people are allowed to say the n-word.

She concludes by telling women who do not have problem with being referred to as a “female” to tell men that they cannot refer to other women in the same way, stating that they are the exception, not the rule.

Watch Philogynoir explain why she wants men to stop calling women “female” below!

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