Leftist: Saying “It’s Okay to be White” is Racist

Riley Dennis, a radical leftist and contributor to Everyday Feminism, created a video demanding that people stop saying, “it’s okay to be white.” In the beginning, Riley suggests that the phrase is racist because it has a deeper context to it. Analogously, Riley says that when someone says, “it’s raining cats and dogs,” they do not literally mean it is raining cats and dogs. She claims that the phrase is rooted in white-nationalist circles to portray white people as victims while being perceived as innocent to the average person. Riley even accuses Tucker Carlson of being a white nationalist for defending the phrase.

Additionally, she says that people who are against racism should say, “F*** this. F*** this phrase. I don’t want anything to do with it.”


I do agree with Riley that every phrase should be interpreted with context. For example, Black Lives Matter is an anti-police hate group that disguises itself as a civil rights movement. However, in its literal context, the saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is true. In addition, I even agree that there are some people who say “it’s okay to be white” with racist intent. However, I think most people who say that phrase are doing so in response to the anti-white identity politics perpetuated by the left. Online, I have been criticized more for being a white male than being gay. In fact, if you search ‘white people‘ on Twitter, you will find many people claiming they hate white people. Some colleges and universities now offer Whiteness Studies courses, which unlike every other ethnic studies curriculum, portrays whiteness in a negative light.

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To conclude, I am not trying to claim that non-white people still do not face individualized incidents of racial discrimination nor am I trying to portray white people as victims in America. However, I do believe that the left’s normalization of openly hating white people should come to an end and be treated the same way as racism targeted at other racial groups.

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