Feminist Says All Kids Are Queer

Lindsay Amer, the host of Queer Kid Stuff, created a video explaining why she believes all children are queer. She introduces the video by discussing the concept of the ‘queer child’ that she learned in her Queer Studies course, which makes the assumption that all children are queer. In fact, Lindsay is even writing about this topic for her Master’s dissertation. She explains that there are four ways in which a child can be queer: the ghostly gay child, the grown homosexual, the not-yet-straight child, and the child queer by innocence or money.

Lindsay Amer also hosts a YouTube series called Queer Kid Stuff.

Lindsay first explains the ‘ghostly gay child’ and the ‘grown homosexual,’ which both refer to grown adults who claim that they always knew they were gay, even as a child. The ‘ghostly gay child’ refers to that belief as a child and the ‘grown homosexual’ is in reference to the grown adult. Next, Amer explains the not-yet-straight child, which is similar to the ghostly gay child, but straight. Lastly, Lindsay states that the ‘child queer by innocence’ is a social construct created by adults and imposed on children. Additionally, Lindsay claims that children can be queer based on their race, socioeconomic status, and the economy. Amer even believes a weekly allowance makes children ‘really queer.’

Lindsay concludes by saying that children are weird and eat their own boogers, believing this somehow makes children queer.

If you enjoyed this article, check out her ridiculous YouTube series, Queer Kid Stuff.

Watch Lindsay explain why she thinks all children are queer below!

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Daniel Bunting

One comment

  1. that is pedophile grooming tactics right there.
    this piece of garbage needs to be investigated for pedophilia and child grooming for rape.
    she sounds very similar to islamic clerics on this count.

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