BLM Activist Wants More Dead Cops

Gazi Kodzo, often referred to as “Black Hitler” by his critics, created a video explaining why he believes cop killers are ‘black heroes.’ He begins by claiming the police are ‘a tool of coercion that are used by the ruling class to continue the status quo,’ declaring that Americans live in an ‘unfair, capitalist system that oppresses African and colonized people of the world.’ He also claims that it is immoral to arrest a poor person who steals food from a grocery store. Gazi appears to be unaware that private charities and government assistance programs have been created to feed the poor.

Image of Gazi Kodzo speaking at a Black Lives Matter rally from Kiwi Farms.

He continues by condemning former President Obama for calling cop killers ‘cowards,’ claiming that the police are the real cowards. In fact, Gazi even refers to the former president as a ‘coward’ for sending airstrikes to Somalia and other African and Middle-Eastern nations. Additionally, Gazi claims that Americans who kill innocent police officers are acting in self-defense and are part of a larger revolution.

Lastly, Gazi declares that the ‘African community’ is tired of being slaughtered by white police officers, seeming to be unaware that over 90% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.

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Watch Gazi explain why believes cop killers are ‘black heroes’ below!

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