Activist Says She’s More Afraid of White Moderates than the KKK

Kat Blaque, a popular SJW YouTuber, created a video explaining why she believes white moderates are dangerous. Kat claims that ‘white America is not even psychologically organized’ to close the gap between white and black Americans, believing that white Americans just want inequality to become ‘less painful and less obvious.’ She even accuses white liberals of wanting to retain the status quo by telling black Americans to ‘wait’ for equality.

Blaque continues by condemning the white outrage over black Americans committing illegal activity, referencing how everything Adolf Hitler did in Nazi Germany was legal. She declares that if she lived in Nazi Germany, she would have comforted and aided marginalized Jews despite being illegal.


Kat states that she has been extremely disappointed in the actions of white moderates over the past few years, claiming that the greatest obstacle black Americans face is not the KKK, but white moderates. Blaque believes that white moderates are more concerned about ‘order’ than ‘justice.’ However, she states that she is grateful that some white Americans ‘grasp the meaning of the social revolution and [have] committed themselves to it.’ While Kat believes that white activists are far too small in quantity, she claims that they are powerful in quality.

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Afterward, Blaque condemns the sense of superiority and entitlement white Americans have, which makes them believe they have so little to learn. She also blames white supremacy for the unequal outcomes between white and black Americans. However, Kat forgets to mention that Asian Americans have a higher median income than white Americans and are also less likely to be incarcerated. Therefore, it is unknown whether Kat believes Asian Americans should also be blamed for the unequal outcomes between the races.

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Despite making an entire video about black Americans not having the same rights as white Americans, she fails to mention which rights black Americans are currently lacking in America.


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  1. Lets face some hard facts here. 1. Most Blacks today do not want to work for a living. They would rather sit on welfare. Welfare is not designed to pay the way for the lazy. 2. Criminals go to jail. I being half white committed a crime and went to jail to. Fact is. Blacks for the small % they are commit more crimes. You don’t want to be the large majority going to jail? STP BREAKING THE LAWS ASSHOLES!

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