3 Girls Explain Why They Identify as Greygender, Genderqueer & Nonbinary

Ash Hardell, a popular SJW YouTuber, her girlfriend, Grace Hardell, and their friend, Kaitlyn, created a video explaining why they do not identify as ‘woman’ despite being ‘assigned female at birth.’ Grace Hardell begins by stating that she uses she/her and they/them gender pronouns and identifies as greygender, meaning she identifies outside the gender binary and does not have a strong grasp on her gender identity or expression. Next, Kaitlyn states that she uses they/them pronouns and identifies as both gender neutral and nonbinary, meaning she identifies completely outside the gender binary.

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Afterwards, Ash Hardell brings out her ‘panel notes’ to describe her gender, claiming that her favorite label is genderqueer, meaning that she does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions, and she is also questioning. In addition, she explains that she is experimenting with other labels, including nonbinary, gender expansive, gender fluid, and demigirl. When asked to explain why she is experimenting with gender fluid, she states that she believes her gender exists between woman and agender.


When Kaitlyn was asked whether she has had to defend her gender identity, she said that she ‘surprisingly’ receives abundant skepticism online. However, rather than trying to understand the other perspective, she ‘chalks it up to miseducation.’ The ladies all agree that the controversy surrounding the ‘two genders’ argument is redundant because no one is hurt by referring to themselves outside the gender binary.

Kaitlyn continues by disclosing that she is constantly misgendered and does not understand why people feel the need to refer to strangers with masculine or feminine pronouns. She states that she refers to others with gender-neutral language until that person tells her otherwise.

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The video concludes with Grace asking, “How does this conversation make you feel about the future?” I have a one-word answer: TERRIFIED.


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  1. These four people seem so mixed up, I don’t know how I would begin talking to one of them. Even if your basic nature is to respect people until they demonstrate they don’t deserve it…how do you accommodate all these social demands when you have no way of knowing they exist?

  2. They may think they are different but they really aren’t. They just have a shallow view of women.

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