Feminist: Doctors Should Stop “Assigning” Gender at Birth

Lindsay Amer, a prominent SJW and host of Queer Kid Stuff, an educational LGBT series for children ages three to seven, created a video theorizing a postmodern society where doctors do not ‘assign’ gender at birth. To Lindsay’s credit, she admits that she is not a medical professional and is posing it more of a philosophical question. Amer begins by questioning what would happen to the ‘transgender identity’ if babies were never ‘assigned’ a gender at birth, believing that children would have the opportunity ‘to grow into their gender identity’ rather than ‘being forced into [a gender] at birth.’

Lindsay Amer theorizes a society where doctors do not ‘assign’ gender at birth.

In addition, Lindsay questions what would happen to the transgender community as a collective, wondering if it would still exist. In fact, she even challenges whether the ‘gender construct’ and ‘gender spectrum’ would even exist. Amer claims it would be a ‘Utopian World’ if gender roles and stereotypes were never assigned to people, which could be accomplished by doctors not assigning gender at birth.

However, Lindsay reluctantly admits that biological sex, a term she believes is controversial, is useful in terms of physical health. Therefore, she declares a need for a new human categorization process to accommodate this concern. Despite theorizing about a society without gender, she concludes by promoting VProud.tv, a video platform website ‘created by women for women.’

If you enjoyed this article, learn about Queer Kid Stuff, Lindsay’s LGBT+ educational series for children ages three to seven.

Watch Lindsay theorize about a society without gender below!

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