Huffington Post Tells White Women to Shut the F*** Up

Zeba Blay, a culture writer for Huffington Post Voices, and Emma Gray, a senior women’s editor for the Huffington Post, created a video explaining why they believe white feminism is ‘problematic.’ They claim that white feminism ignores intersectionality, the belief that a woman’s overlapping identities impact the way she experiences oppression (e.g., race, sexual orientation, etc.). Zeba explains that white feminism excludes women who are not straight, cisgender, and/or white, declaring that lesbian, transgender, and non-white women experience misogyny differently from straight white women.

Emma states that white feminism fights to close the wage gap between men and women but ignores that Latina and black women earn even less than white women. Conveniently, Emma forgets to mention that Asian Americans, both male and female, outearn their white counterparts and the wage gap is primarily due to different choices men and women make (e.g., education, position, total hours worked per week, experience, etc.). The same logic can also be used to explain the differences in median income between certain races and ethnicities.

Zeba continues by stating that police brutality should be viewed as a feminist issue, but white feminists ignore it because it does not primarily affect white women. While making this assertion, she conveniently forgets to mention that men are significantly more likely to be shot by a police officer than women.

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Following, Emma declares that ‘whiteness’ majorly impacts western beauty standards, and she insists that feminism should become more inclusive so ‘more diverse voices [can] be heard.’ She also demands that white feminists need to educate themselves and ‘listen and engage with the experiences of women of color without silencing them.’ She concludes by saying, “…as white ladies, we just need to shut the f*** up!”

Feel free to watch why Zeba and Emma believe white feminism is ‘problematic’ below!

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