Black Nationalist Thinks America is Worse than North Korea

Gazi Kodzo, commonly referred to as “Black Hitler” by his critics, created a video explaining why he believes it is worse to live in the United States than North Korea. Gazi begins by referring to the liberal women on the view as ‘problematic white nationalist liberals’ and Meghan McCain as a ‘problematic white nationalist conservative.’ He claims that North Korea is the ‘liberated sector of Korea that has not begged to the will of white power, U.S. imperialism.’

Gazi explains why he believes America is worse than North Korea.

After playing a clip from The View, Gazi equates America to North Korea by referencing historical slavery (which existed on every soil at one time in the world), mass incarceration of African Americans (due to their higher violent crime rate), historical lynching, and black civilians being shot and killed by police officers (which is often legally justified, sometimes not).

Gazi continues by accusing Meghan McCain of not caring about African Americans, claiming that skin color is the only difference between the human rights atrocities committed in North Korea and the United States. He also claims that, even today, white Americans enjoy freedoms due to the oppression of African Americans. Following that statement, Gazi concludes by saying, “So you heard it here, the U.S. is worse than North Korea.”

Watch Gazi explain why he believes human rights are worse in America than North Korea!

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