BLM Supporter: All White People Are White Supremacists #YesAllWhitePeople

Seren Sensei Aishitemasu created a video explaining why she believes all white people are racist. She starts by mocking both white and black people who do not believe all white people are racist. Seren attempts to justify her claim by stating that all white people are born into a ‘racist, white-supremacist society that instills racist, white-supremacist ideals within them.’


Seren also claims that racism will persist until white people acknowledge that they are racist and unlearn their internalized white supremacy. In addition, she tells black people that they cannot be friends with or date white people who do not admit they are racist, asserting it should be the litmus test for ‘every non-essential white person in [their] life.’

She tells black people that their job is not to persuade white people that they are racist, but support, uplift, and connect with other black people and fight for ‘black liberation.’ She says that it is the job of ‘white allies’ to convince other white people that they are racist and to unlearn their internalized prejudices, declaring that racism is the problem of white people and is their sickness, mental illness, and disease. She even goes so far to say that racism is part of white culture and it is self-fulfilling by white people.

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Afterward, Seren makes a common alt-right argument by stating that black people need to be liberated so they no longer have to rely on white people. In addition, she dismisses individualism, declaring it to be a privileged ideology and ‘a silly and immature way of thinking.’ She tells white people who are individualists to ‘shut the f*** up and listen for a second.’

Throughout the rest of the video, Seren repeats much of the same talking points about all white people being racist and not being able to opt out of a white-supremacist system. She concludes by telling black people to tell a white person that they do not have permission to talk to them.

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