Feminist Says Violence Against Conservatives is Justified

Riley Dennis, a prominent SJW YouTuber, created a video explaining why she believes physical violence from Black Lives Matter and Antifa is justified. Riley Dennis is infamous for making other ridiculous statements, including a video about why she believes biological sex does not exist and a video about why she believes genital preferences are discriminatory.

Riley Dennis explains why she believes it is justified to perpetuate violence against some political opponents.

Riley Dennis criticizes the Trump administration’s response to the Charlottesville incident since the president blamed it on both white nationalists and Antifa protesters. However, Riley argues that violence perpetuated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter should not be equated to violence perpetuated by white nationalists, the KKK, or the alt-right, claiming that violence is inherent to ‘Nazi ideology.’ For argument’s sake, even if perpetuating violence is not equal between different political movements, the left often falsely accuses many conservatives as being either alt-right or a neo-Nazi, causing some far-left protesters to perpetuate violence against mainstream conservatives. Although, I personally believe that violence should never be perpetuated and is only justified in self-defense.

Riley continues by claiming that when a Black Lives Matter protester perpetuates violence, it is not representative of the entire movement. Yet, Riley believes the opposite is true regarding the alt-right. Riley states that the primary objective of Black Lives Matter is to end violence against black Americans, but she conveniently forgets to mention that over 90% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks (despite black Americans only making up about 13% of the total U.S. population).

Afterward, Riley states that it is not possible to advocate for a white ethnostate peacefully. While I personally disagree with the alt-right’s desire for a white ethnostate, I do believe it is possible for white nationalists to peacefully protest in favor of one so long as they do not physically perpetuate violence against anyone.

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Next, Riley argues that perpetuating violence against so-called Nazis is justified since it is a form of self-defense at a collective level. In fact, Riley goes so far to say that even though it is illegal to perpetuate violence against ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists,’ the law should not be used to determined what is morally ‘right.’ She cites that activists have historically committed illegal activity to do what they perceive to be just.

Riley concludes by suggesting that the first amendment should be amended to prohibit hate speech. Note, the problem with regulating hate speech is that it is largely subjective. Hence why it is much more effective to use your own free speech in retaliation to speech you perceive to be hateful.

Feel free to watch Riley attempt to justify violence from Black Lives Matter and Antifa below!

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  1. Why do you believe that white nationalist can peacefully protest for a white ethnostate and not black lives matter for a black ethno state?

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