Feminist Wants Everybody Who’s Not Transgender to Die

An unnamed feminist created a video (now deleted but re-uploaded by another user) demanding that cisgender people stop being outraged over the phrase ‘die cis scum.’ For those of you that don’t already know, ‘cisgender’ (sometimes shortened to ‘cis’) refers to anyone who is not transgender. She starts the video by telling cisgender people that they have been “living under a privileged rock” if they do not know what the term ‘cisgender’ means. In addition, she does not believe doctors should be permitted to “assign” gender at birth, claiming that we live in a ‘cis-premacy.’

Following, she asserts that no one should be outraged over the phrase ‘die cis scum’ because no one is actually advocating violence against the ‘cissies.’ In addition, she justifies the statement by claiming it is a reasonable response to several years of systematic transphobia and bigotry. In fact, she went so far to say that anyone of any minority group is ‘entitled to anger’ against the majority group and anyone who disagrees is a ‘privileged douchebag.’ She concludes by saying that anyone who is both ‘cisgender’ and ‘scum’ may actually ‘deserve to die.’

Feel free to watch her explain why she believes it’s perfectly okay to say, “die cis scum.”

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Daniel Bunting


  1. This homo has lost her mind. Tell her don’t go look for it b/c it is long gone. She don’t realize there are a lot more of us then them and some of the cis as she calls them are seriously thinking abdout killing all the trans ppl. I don’t condone violence but will protect myself and family at all time and if need be will not wait on them to come to me. I’ll go to them. NP

  2. TP is not a real prejudice. It is a sexist homophobic act of false equivalence. Next time someone accuses you of it, invoke the spirit of the Great Cornholio and demand TP for your bunghole.

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