Woman Creates Geography Class for White People

In a video, Lilly Singh, who goes by the YouTube name of Superwoman, created a satirical geography class for racist white people. She begins by stating there are two types of people in the world: people who come together and don’t let fear divide them and racists. As evidence of rampant racism in America, she cites one YouTube comment that called her a Muslim and told her to return to her home country.

Superwoman creates a Geography class for racist white people.

In a derogatory tone, she corrects the claim by stating she is from Canada but has Indian heritage. Afterward, she asserts that white people will not be able ‘to drive their trailer’ to India and mocks white Americans as being ‘narrow-minded’ and thieves for stealing oil from Middle-Eastern countries. Then, she says that when white people land in India, they should say their occupation is ‘trash can’ and date of birth is 3000 B.C.

Despite portraying white Americans as racist, she did not mention whether she has plans to move back to Canada or migrate to any other country.

Feel free to watch her entire geography class below!

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  1. Disgusting display of STUPID!!! You can try to change the history, but it is the WHITE MAN who built America. YOU RACIST BIGOT! There is a word for adults with infantile defenses. They are called neurotic, or people with personality disorders.


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