Activists Invite Pedophiles into the LGBT Community

As a sad attempt to gain acceptance into the LGBT community, pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs), or sometimes “Non-offending Minor Attracted Persons” (NOMAPs), according to several LGBT-activist sources. In fact, the Daily Caller found activists who want safe spaces for these people. MAPs claim that even though they have sexual attraction toward minors, they respect U.S. laws against child porn and pedophilia and do not have any intention to harm children. In addition, they insist that just like gays and lesbians, their sexual attraction is not a choice and should be normalized in the same manner.

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So if MAPs cannot control their sexual attraction and pledge to not break any U.S. pedophilia laws, what is wrong with destigmatizing pedophilia in the same way society destigmatized homosexuality? First, no one is hurt when two consenting same-sex adults have a sexual relationship. Although, I do concede that setting the age of consent to eighteen (18) years old is somewhat arbitrary. Critics may argue that since many teenagers have sexual attraction, they should have the right to consent to whomever they want. However, I think everyone can agree that young children, such as a six-year-old boy, is incapable of providing affirmative consent given their lack of sexual attraction.


If someone is attracted to children and genuinely does not want to hurt anyone, they should seek professional help ASAP. However, for the reasons stated above, pedophilia should not be equated to two consenting same-sex adults. In addition, the pedophilia flag should immediately be ripped up, and the movement should be disinvited from every #PrideMarch across the globe.


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  1. Very good article and I appreciate your mature examination of the facts and issue at hand. As a survivor of a child rapist. I will flatly say those that don’t control their urges should purse adult partners or as you said get help ASAP. To this day I have health issues from at least a 100 forced sodomies. He was 20 I was 10 NOT NORMAL! It also caused me intense confusion with my own sexuality for years. Lastly I struggled with thoughts of repeating the violence forced on me. A child doesn’t have a fully formed mind or sense of the world, sex shouldn’t be added to the equation. I whole heartedly oppose the “normalization” and sadly 20 years ago I saw this coming. Lastly I don’t know why the LGBT community would give shelter to an identity that is criminal and destructive in so many ways. Most human beings act out there sexual desires at some point. Why should children have to bear the burden of adults that will not control themselves?

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