Feminist: Biological Sex Doesn’t Exist

Riley Dennis, a prominent SJW YouTuber, created a video explaining why she believes biological sex is a social construct. In addition to this video, Riley has created other outrageous videos, including a video where she explains why she believes genital preferences are discriminatory. According to her Twitter account, Riley is a ‘queer, trans, nonbinary, polyamorous lesbian’ who uses she/they pronouns.

Riley Dennis explains why she believes biological sex is a social construct.

Riley begins by saying transgender women are not biologically male and claiming that they are perpetuates the mistreatment of trans people. Afterwards, she claims that similar to gender, biological sex is a social construct and comprised of five components: chromosomes, genitals, gonads, hormones, and secondary sex characteristics. She states that most people never test their chromosomes, genitals can be changed with surgery, and second sex characteristics (e.g., facial hair) vary among people belonging to the same sex. As a result, she believes this is enough evidence to reject the scientific consensus of biological sex.

Riley’s argument of biological sex existing along a continuum would be more credible if a significant amount of people did not perfectly fit as either male or female. In fact, only about 0.05% (1 out of every 2000 people) are born intersex, suggesting that intersex is a birth abnormality that comes in many variations.

Feel free to watch Riley explain why she believes biological sex is a social construct below!

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