Feminist: It’s time to dismantle whiteness

In response to Taylor Swift’s comments about wanting to be excluded from public political discourse, Melissa A. Fabello, a feminist YouTuber, created a video explaining why ‘whiteness’ needs to be dismantled.

Melissa A. Fabello created a “Dear Taylor” video explaining why ‘whiteness’ needs to be dismantled.

Without providing a substantive definition of ‘whiteness,’ Fabello claims that ‘whiteness’ contributes to the systematic oppression of ‘people of color’ (in social justice circles, ‘people of color’ refers to people who do not identify as ‘non-Hispanic white’). Subsequently, she compares ‘whiteness’ to patriarchy, which refers to the belief that women still face systematic oppression in the west. To support her view of patriarchy still existing in America, she discusses the persistence of pro-life legislation and #FreeTheNipple.

She later returns to the concept of ‘whiteness’ and explains why she believes the United States is a white-supremacist society. To support her claim, she cites glamorizing European colonization, objectifying the bodies of people of color, and using white fragility to demonize people of color.

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Afterward, Fabello finally defines ‘whiteness,’ claiming it is the “valuing of an especially white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant culture to the point of its widespread normalization.” She continues by saying society created the idea of whiteness, its superiority, and who is included into it.

Fabello concludes by saying she has dreams about “burning [whiteness] down.”

Feel free to watch Fabello’s self-loathing video about ‘dismantling whiteness’ below.

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