Earn money by completing political surveys

It is more important than ever to voice your opinion regarding American politics. Fortunately, there are sites that will pay you for taking political surveys and even give you money just for signing up!

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I am personally an active user of the following:

1. Survey Savvy: Survey Savvy offers a multitude of different genres of surveys. In addition to political surveys, Survey Savvy offers surveys about food, shopping, entertainment, and more. You won’t regret signing up!

Image from Survey Savvy.

2. Inbox Dollars: Besides completing political (and other genre) surveys, Inbox Dollars pays its users for signing up ($5), watching t.v., reading emails, playing games, and MORE!

Image from Inbox Dollars.

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Get PAID to take political surveys using SurveySavvy.

Get PAID to take political surveys using Inbox Dollars.

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